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ImageCanadians, Energy and Conservation

You'll be amazed how easy it is to save energy around your home.

Just follow the proven tips outlined here, and you’ll start saving money right away. That’s money you can spend on something else, and you’ll also be doing something good for the environment.

Start today, and see how much money you can save!

How energy is used in Ontario homes*   For an annual energy bill of $2,000**
Space heating 57-62% $1,140 - $1,240
Water heating 20-21% $400 - $420
Appliances 12-13% $240 - $260
Lighting 4-5% $80 - $100
Cooling 0-7% $0 - $200

Need further help?  Contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it and we'll come up with a personalized plan and recommendations for your situation.

One of our experts will help you to determine how you might lower your energy consumption and increase your savings above and beyond the savings you will experience by installing a solar energy system.
Our Energy Efficiency experts will evaluate the following factors:

•    Insulation. Insufficient insulation or ill-fitting windows, doors and window treatments can all make a significant impact on your energy usage.
•    Light fixtures. Old and outdated light fixtures can be replaced with ones that are more energy-efficient.
•    Heating and cooling systems, including water heaters. Older systems may be costing you valuable electricity.
•    Appliances. Many new appliances have been optimized to run on minimal amounts of energy. It can often be cost-effective to replace old appliances, even ones as few as five years old. 
•    Landscaping strategies. Depending on where you live, landscaping may be a key factor in making your home more energy-efficient.

Governement Programs:

Energy Efficiency Assistance Program For Houses ON

Objectives and Description:

The Energy Efficiency Assistance Program for Houses pilot program is aimed at achieving savings of 100 MW of electricity, or enough to power 33,000 houses, in the private low income and social housing sector through education, upgrades for lighting and appliances and building retrofits.

More details on this program.

More Conservation Information and Downloads: 

You’ll be amazed how easy it is to save energy around your home – often without spending a cent.  Just follow the proven tips outlined in this booklet, and you’ll start saving money right away.  That’s money you can spend on something else, and you’ll also be doing something good for the nvironment.  Start today, and see how much you can save.  Tips To Help You Conserve Energy and Save Money  (PDF file: 704K)

Canadians know that we are fortunate to have diverse sources of energy, but only recently have they come to recognize the additional potential in reducing the energy we waste. Using energy wisely to make sure our energy supplies go further yields significant benefits for all Canadians. Consumers can benefit from significant dollar savings, pollution is reduced, and business and industry can realize increased profits and productivity.  Moving Forward on Energy Efficiency in Canada: A Foundation for Action  (PDF file: 4047K)

Image The powerWISE House is your one-stop online tool for home conservation tips and energy saving hints, with over 20 power saving and conservation techniques that highlight how you can significantly reduce your own home electricity use. Explore the house room by room to see how some of the simplest changes can substantially reduce your electrical bill over the course of a year.  Just look for the  icon and click to enable the savings. Once you’ve enabled the items you would like to add to your savings, see how the savings add up for a typical Ontario household. Finally select ‘See Impact Province Wide’ to understand how your chosen conservation techniques extended across all, or a portion, of the households across Ontario, would help reduce overall energy consumption in the Province. 

The average home has at least ten high use lights that can easily be switched from the old incandescent bulbs to compact flourescent lights (CFLs).  What are you waiting for? Download Green Ontario's "Lighten Up Ontario" Flyer as a guide to finding the right places in your home for at least 10 CFLs.

After you've found the right place to use them download our CFL calculator to figure out how much you could save.