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Our Favourite Green Energy Ads: 

GE Wind Energy: Capturing the Wind


Solal: Hail - Revenge of the Sun

More Video 

Green Energy TV - We are an Online Television Channel that is dedicated to airing green videos for millions of viewers around the world. Though having been launched only in January 2007, Green Energy TV now has viewers from 115 countries and 6 continents going to to watch green videos (Source: Google Analytics as of 11/07). 

The Solar Parking Lot Grove Concept

Energy Studies 

WWF-Canada and the Pembina Institute have commissioned a landmark study to forecast three possible futures for Ontario's energy future.

RENEWABLE IS DOABLE confirms that smart, targeted investments in a diverse array of energy efficiency and renewable energy solutions over the next twenty years will achieve major cuts in greenhouse gas emissions, accelerate the closure of our highly-polluting coal plants, and avoid the need for new nuclear investments.

Incentive Programs

Ontario Solar Thermal Heating Incentive - OSTHI is an Ontario Government program that provides an incentive by way of a rebate to Ontario organizations in the commercial, industrial or institutional (ICI) sectors which install a qualifying solar water or solar air heating system.

ecoENERGY Retrofit Program - Provides home and property owners with grants of up to $5,000 to offset the cost of making energy-efficiency improvements. ecoENERGY Retrofit grants apply to a host of measures that reduce energy consumption and provide for a cleaner environment, from increasing insulation to upgrading a furnace.

Solar Energy Information

Canadian Solar Industry Association - CanSIA is a federally registered not-for-profit association whose membership is comprised of individuals, companies and governments sharing an interest in solar technology.

Go Solar Ontario - Go Solar, a program of the Clean Air Foundation, is a market transformation campaign that provides Ontario residents with the information and links they need to install solar energy systems to heat water or generate electricity. 

Wind Energy Information

Terravis Wind Energy is your answer to wind farm development in Ontario. We have been working in renewable energy for almost four years and can facilitate  the development process for wind farm development.  Terravis is the service provider for Prowind Canada and is presently involved in developing nine 10MW projects in Eastern Ontario. 

Climate Change 

Environment Canada: Climate Change - The Government of Canada is committed to the development and implementation of a Made-in-Canada plan for reducing greenhouse gases and ensuring clean air, water, land and energy for Canadians

The Pembina Institute - The Pembina Institute is one of the most prominent Canadian organizations working on climate change policy and solutions. Through our research, education, consulting and advocacy, we aim to increase understanding, highlight opportunities and get solutions implemented.

Climate Action Network Canada - Climate Action Network Canada (CAN Canada) is composed of member organizations committed to preventing dangerous levels of human interference with the global climate system, protecting environmental sustainability and public health, while upholding principles of just transition, equity and social justice.