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Community Green Energy Program PDF Print E-mail

ImageBe the Difference. Help your Community Go Solar to Fight Global Warming and Earn Additional Savings

We want to make it easy for friends and neighbors to transform their communities into true solar cities. That's why we created the Community Green Energy Program an initiative that provides additional savings for communities that contract with Ault Energy to install a significant amount of green energy systems on their homes and businesses.

With the Community Solar Program, Ault Energy customers receive an unprecedented 15-20% savings compared to current market pricing on a green energy system.  This includes our solar thermal, solar hot water and grid-tied solar pv systems.

Think about it this way: You get incredible savings by buying in bulk, while still getting an expertly designed system customized to dovetail into the aesthetics of your building.  You also get the satisfaction of knowing that you and your neighbors are doing your part to create a brighter future.

Communities like yours can see the benefits of clean green power scale through our Community Green Energy Program. 

To learn more about our Community Green Energy Program contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

Note:  Not all systems are available in all communities.